Importer and central purchasing office for electrical and lighting equipment

Importer and central purchasing office for electrical and lighting equipment

Importer and central purchasing office for electrical and lighting equipment

An extensive stock
Efficient logistics
Flex production
Innovative products
Recognised importer
Specialists at your service

For wholesalers and retailers for over 25 years!

We are a family-run company whose priority is to treat our customers, employees, and suppliers with the utmost respect. We want to be the go-to partner for all our professional customers in the search for solutions in electrical and lighting equipment. Everything we do is focused on you. Our teams of committed employees are always ready to listen to, and serve the needs of, their clients in Belgium and Luxembourg. From modular to solar to light, we have a solution for you. Add to that a product range that’s adapted to your needs, efficient logistics, and the option of ordering from our e-shop 24/7.
That’s why Agemat is, or will become, your go-to partner.
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Our ability to listen and give great advice, combined with our experience and the wide range of products we have, means that we can offer you tailor-made solutions. Agemat: ready to support you, every day


If you are looking for a company that works on a human scale, for teams that will go the extra mile, for experience, and for efficient logistics and a constant push for improvements in the quality of our products and services, then we’re the company for you. Agemat: your go-to partner.

The human touch

We want to remain a family company that works on a human scale, close to our teams, our suppliers, and our customers. People are at the heart of what we stand for.

We’re there for you

Every day, you can count on the commitment and enthusiasm of all our employees. Focusing on our customers is at the heart of everything we do!

News & events

1 June 2021
Nothing is impossible with the Quadro 45 modular duct adapter
8 January 2021
Discover our partner Efapel

Every day, we advise and provide solutions to dozens of retailers and wholesalers.

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Job loupe



Salespeople – lighting engineers – drivers – order pickers – inside salespeople

To complement our teams, we’re always on the lookout for motivated and enthusiastic people for various roles such as electrical technician, salesperson, and warehouse assistant. If you meet these criteria, please send your CV to us at